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Mr. & Mrs. Mauro Bon
Basilica Di Santa Maria in Aracoeli

What is Rome Today?

More than a decade ago, I left the United States to move to the Eternal City. I came here to marry the man I met two years earlier, when, as a tourist, I asked him one simple question: “Where is the Vatican?” He answered and the rest, as they say, is history.

More than 10 years of experiencing life in this country has taught me more than any guidebook. For example, Italy’s art and architecture is complemented best by its famous Roman feasts. And everything you need to know about the country can be taught at the kitchen table. It is this art of food and wine that Rome Today TV is about. Respect the land, eat in season, and buy locally.

Ristorante da Alfredo

We feature local restaurants and businesses that are in Rome today by interviewing the locals. We travel through time—and behind kitchen doors—tapping into award-winning recipes passed down from generation to generation without ever reaching a cookbook. Along the way, we unearth history and cultural gems, meet expatriates and cover current events that affect the Romans yesterday and today.

With love from Rome,
Araceli Cardenas-Bon

This is how it all got started...

These were the first two videos produced by Rome Today TV.

Rome Today: Giolitti Gelato

Rome Today: Ristorante Fortunato Al Pantheon