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Rome Today TV specializes in video production. Our partnerships with local businesses allow us to get an inside look at many of the best features of Rome. In particular, Rome Today TV features:

  • Wine Segments
  • Italian Culinary Dish Spotlights
  • Cooking Tips
  • Breaking News

At Rome Today TV, we love featuring food and wine from Italy, but just as important is our role on a global level. This year, this was my focus in producing a series of policy and governance videos for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This video series focuses on sustainable development issues around the world.

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Principe Pignatelli di Monteroduni - Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil

No country offers a greater variety of olive oil than Italy, where oils from various regions offer distinct flavors and textures that lend themselves to savory and sweet dishes.

Forno Colapicchioni - Pizza Bianca or Pizza Rossa?

Pizza Bianca and Pizza Rossa are the perfect street food. So, what makes these two pizzas so popular? We go behind the scenes to find out.

Cene Romane - The Italian Home Restaurant

A home restaurant gives visitors an authentic Roman experience in the company of friends and family with a menu that will entice anyone to stop in.

The Pope's baker - Angelo Arrigoni

Known by locals as the Pope's baker, Angelo Arrigoni and his family have been preparing and serving bread to the Pope for decades.

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Easter Feast in Rome - Da Giggetto - Classic Restaurant in Jewish Ghetto

Over Easter, many Romans will gather around the table and celebrate with a lavish feast with traditional dishes such as lamb, fish, vegetables, pasta, and a spread of desserts.

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Trattoria Romolo — Christmas Feast

A classic Christmas lunch or dinner at trattorias or restaurants in Rome will be serving the fresh catch of the day.

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Pop Up Rome

Pop Up Rome offers tours and events in Rome to help visitors enjoy authentic Roman experiences and grasp the best this city has to offer.

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Giolitti Roma — 'The Nativity' Panettone

Giolitti Roma makes the holidays extra special by turning traditional Panettone into Nativity scene masterpieces.

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"A Very Capricious Venetian Carnival Affair in the Eternal City" Masquerade Party

Pop Up Rome and the American Exchange of Rome present "A Very Capricious Venetian Carnival Affair in the Eternal City" Masquerade Party.

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How to Store Olive Oil

Local olive oil producer Giuseppe Micheletta shares how to keep olive oil fresh.

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Osco "Sabina DOP" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Osco Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested from an area that is older than Rome, an area that at one time spoke the ancient language OSCO.

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Tips to Making a Better Tiramisu

Rome Today goes behind kitchen doors at Bar Pompi — known for making the best tiramisu in town.

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Personalized gift for Pope John Paul II

TEBRO is known for providing high-end luxury linens, but one order for Pope John Paul II left a lasting impression.

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II Vero Alfredo - Birthplace of Fettuccini Alfredo

II Vero Alfredo is the birthplace of fettuccini alfredo and has attracted stars and locals with its delicious tastes for decades.

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A Taste of Luxury

Meet the women who found a way to sweeten life in Rome just a little more.

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Sinful Treats for Carnival

Get an inside look on how 3 favorite Carnival treats are made.

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Ever wonder where the word "cappuccino" comes from?

Ever wondered where the number one Italian coffee drink came from? Wonder no more.

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Alfredo "Billy" Buffalo - the Classic Panettone Maker

For more than 40 years, Alfredo Buffalo has been making Panettones with love, time and patience.

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Castelli Romani DOC white wines

The hillside town of Frascati has lent its name to a wide selection of Frascati DOC white wines that can be enjoyed in a timeless environment.

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Sabina's Golden Olive Oil and its History

The Sabina region's extra virgin olive oil was the first to receive the highest certification by the European Community.

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