Personalized gift for Pope John Paul II

(RT) — April 21, 2011

What started out as a textile fabric store offering local residents a wide selection of fabrics for both home decor and apparel has turned into a luxury linen store that continues to serve Romans with an elegant collection of linens and bedding — at the same historical location — near Parliament Square. For more than a century, TEBRO has taken pride in offering local residents, noble Roman families, royalty and politicians the finest collection of Italian home linens.

However the one order that would leave a lasting impression would be used at one of the biggest residences in Rome, from the staff who adored the man they served wanting to personalize his very special day with a birthday lunch in his honor. The beloved Pope John Paul II.

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Biancheria Dal 1867
Via de' Prefetti, 46/54
00186 Roma


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Personalized gift for Pope John Paul II

TEBRO is known for providing high-end luxury linens, but one order for Pope John Paul II left a lasting impression.